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May 11, 2016
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Kuih Bangkit Machine Automatic

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This type of Kuih Bangkit machine is multi-function, which can do a lot of different types of cookies. It is a modern technique to make the traditional Kuih Bangkit, but this machine is easy to operate.



Model KB120A-AEC
Power 0.75kW/230V
Capacity 100-120kg/hr
Dimension 1750 X 710 X 1180mm
Weight 185kg


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2 reviews for Kuih Bangkit Machine Automatic

  1. hazahari

    hi…brapa harga mesin ni yer..

    • aecglobal

      Hi Hazahari,Sila menelefon kepada office AEC pada nombor, 04-9175890.Terima Kasih!

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