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May 11, 2016
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Burger/Nugget Forming Machine-Auto

Burger forming machine by AEC able to produce the fair and equal size of the meat patty.This burger forming machine can produce various food like chicken,beef,fish,shrimp,vegetable patty and nuggets in different shapes.It is easy to operate and clean,conforming to food sanitary standard.



Model BFR100-AEC
Power 0.55kW/240V
Barrel 30L
Patty Weight 50-150g
Capacity 35pcs/min @ 70pcs/min
Mold Shape Ø 100mm (max)
Thickness 6-16mm
Dimension 860 X 600 X 1400mm
Weight 100kg


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4 years 19 days ago

How much the price? Is it auto packing? What is the production rates? From the video I see it have 2 types. Can you give me full details on this machines.

4 years 11 days ago

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