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Mini Curry Puff Machine

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Malaysian has a wide range of traditional cake.One of the favorite Malaysian is Curry Puff.However,the way it is made is complicated.Curry Puff habits usually require a lot of manpower.With our company’s curry puff machine,it can help traders in saving a lot of workforce and can help produce curry puff in large quantities.



Power 1.1kW/240V
Capacity 500-800pcs/hr
No.of Mould 32pcs
Dimension 3440 x 420 x 1000mm
Weight 500kg


Please Contact Us for pricing and order inquiry.

2 reviews for Mini Curry Puff Machine

  1. Mohamed Ambri Bin Ahmad Meah

    I need to know the machine price, the size of curry puff produce and estimation delivery time.

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2 years 3 months ago

Berapa harga mesin curry puff

2 years 3 months ago

Hi Hairul,
Sila berkongsi nombor Whatsapp & pihak kami akan manghubungi anda untuk penjelasan lanjut 🙂


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