Founded in 1983, AEC Machinery (M) Sdn Bhd is a leading comprehensive B2B solutions provider that specializes in producing high-quality machinery for restaurants, food processing, and light industrial pieces.

Being in the market for 40 years, our company has evolved from a humble shop lot into a factory where designing, engineering & manufacturing activities take place.

By adhering to the business philosophy of:
  • Professionalism in our performance and pursuits
  • Win-win innovation
  • United collaboration with clients

AEC has built a group of professionals who are helping Malaysian entrepreneurs develop their business in a cheaper, faster, and valuable way.


Today, AEC Machinery Hub is one of Malaysia’s leading machine manufacture, service, and retail chains. We provide one-stop machinery solutions, with an assorted mix of over 1000 types of products, at all of our outlets here in Malaysia.

Our Vision

We aspire to help SMEs in developing their business with 3 ultimate goals:

The Brand Story

Machines are the heart of the business; sales and profits will follow after.

Helping customers save cost and time in operation is always at the top of the list of priorities for Shawn Lai, the Founder of AEC Machinery Hub - it is also the realization of his promise.

As a child, Shawn used to linger around his father's factory. His father was a traditional agricultural machine reseller who was always busy helping his customers with different kinds of services. After a long day of work, his father always sat alone in a corner to rest. Little Shawn would look on quietly, waiting for his father to gain back his energy before returning back home for dinner.

At that point in time, Shawn didn’t understand why his father would put himself through such tiresome torment. Fearing that it was more than his father could take, he asked one day: “You are already so busy and exhausted, why do you still trouble yourself taking care of the machines for so many customers”?

His father answered him gently, “Son, if the clients have workable and merchantable machines, it also means they can run their business smoothly, earn their profit, and support their families!”

This answer planted a great determination in Shawn’s heart.

“I want to design and create great machines that not only can run but also to make people smile and appreciate it too. In AEC, all our machines are designed to problem-solve, help our clients reduce their production cost and time, and increase their productivity and profit. I am applying my creativity, profession, experiences, and my sincerity in our machines, which help clients to save cost, earn more money and to have a better family life.”

Today, AEC Machinery Hub is one of the leading machine manufacture, service, and retail chains, providing one-stop machinery solutions in Malaysia.

Our secret? A passionate team that committed to deliver a cost-and-time-saving, yet high yielding and profitable life to every client that comes to us.

Shawn Lai

Machine Bro, Machine Designer & Retailer
Founder of AEC Machinery Hub

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