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October 31, 2021
March 8, 2024
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Industrial Cooking-Single Layer Jacketed-Gas

AEC commercial industrial cooker can be used to cook also sort of food. This machine also can be used for a variety of cooking such as serunding, rendang and others. This machine can save the use of manpower to disrupt.It heavy duty and easy to clean. Preferred by restaurants, caterers and cafes who deal with large cooking daily.



Power 3kW/415V 3kW/415V
Heating Type GAS LPG GAS LPG
Bowl Capacity 200L 300L
Material Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 304
Dimension 1250 x 1370 x 1440mm 1330 x 1390 x 1500mm
Weight 170kg 185kg

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