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Scallion Cutter

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Scallion Cutter is suit for processing cutting the fruit or vegetable into four shapes.It is a cutter in power.This machine uses the centrifugal type principal,advanced technology,widely used,compactness,light weight,low noise,simple operation,easy maintenance and power processing tally with the request of food hygiene.All parts contacted with the food are made of stainless steel or high grade Al-Alloy.Scallion cutting machine helps to cut green onions, garlic, leek, green pepper and etc. The machine of the cutting length is adjustable from 1mm to 30mm.This product is the ideal cutting machine.


Model SC500-AEC
Power 0.18kW/240V
Capacity 50-150kg/hr
Dimension 500 x 330 x 520mm
Weight 20kg

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1 review for Scallion Cutter

  1. Nur Hidayah Radilah

    Hi there. Im Nur Hidayah. Interested to buy this machine. May I know the price and details how to buy? If can,please help to reach me at whatsapp (011-60724960). Appreciate it very much.

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