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Powder Grinder

Grinder Powder is used for milling all kinds of dry materials like herb, Chinese herbal medicine, spices, grains, beans, peanuts, pearls,rice and even the stone.It can also be used for medicine research, cosmetics, internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology and dermatology medicine.Adopts top grade motor, mental fan blades, high rotating speed and high power makes the working life longer, can continues working for half an hour.It combines the functions of mini mill pulverize and grinder. It has small volume, low weight, stable prosperity, easy operation and low waste.



Model DE1000-AEC DE2000-AEC
Power 3kW/240V 3kW/240V
Capacity 1000g 2000g
Blade Speed 25000rpm 31000rpm
Dimension 150 x 200 x 350mm 150 x 200 x 380mm
Weight 8kg 10.5kg


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