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Continuous Band Sealer S/S DBF-900 Vertical Stand


Continuous Band Sealer DBF-900 is suitable for small bags packaging and adopts electronic constant temperature control system and speed adjusting transmission mechanism. It plastic films of various materials. Such as PE, PP, Aluminum-foil, and can be fixed date embossing system.Filling in the bag before sealing to make the bag balloon to protect the goods in transportation.This product is a new model automatic plastic films sealing machine integrating color printing, sealing, continuous transmission of products, with dean and bright pattern, color select-able,instant printing and instant dry, convenient for changing the characters.


Power 500W
Voltage 110V/60Hz 220V/50Hz
Packaging Material Paper,Plastic
Packaging Type Bags,Cartons,Film
Weight 27 Kg
Dimension 860 x 410 x 365mm

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